Reactive Ltd is a plant for reactivation of active

Reactive Ltd. is an activated carbon regeneration (reactivation) plant located in the North of Israel. The facility was established in 2004, with the encouragement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for manufacturers who wanted to go “green” while remaining profitable and efficient. Since then, we have been providing a high-quality alternative to virgin activated carbon that helps minimize industrial waste and lower production costs at the same time.

The recycling process takes a few days, after which the reactivated carbon is returned to the customer ready for use.

Reactive offers a wide range of professional activated carbon-related services, and can provides customized solutions of the highest quality.

Reactive is collaborating with Benchmark Technologies – a major importer and supplier of virgin activated carbon, designer of filtration systems that use activated carbon, and the Israeli representative of Donau Carbon GmbH.

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