Reactive Ltd is a plant for reactivation of active

carbon, located in the north of Israel.

Reactive has been established considering plants'
needs to protect environmental quality, while maintaining
their efficiency and profitability.

Reactive establishment was encouraged by the Israel
Ministry of Environmental Protection, aiming to reduce the
waste quantities produced by manufacturing processes,
while reducing manufacturing costs.

In this respect, Reactive provides an alternative solution,
qualitative and efficient.

The recycling process takes a few days, after which the
carbon is restored to its proper functioning condition, andis
returned to the customer.

Reactive offers its customers comprehensive service package
in the field of active carbon. We provide each customer with
professional care, customized to their needs.


Reactive cooperates with Benchmark Technologies which
is the Israeli representative of Donau Carbon.

Benchmark Technologies imports and supplies new active
carbon and provides services of designing and building filtration
systems which use active carbon.